You can host a wildly successful summit that positions you to stand out as the expert in your niche.

Virtual summits can be a powerful list-building strategy, partnership opportunity, and profit generator for your business.

The problem is that for most coaches and program creators, hosting a "tradtional" virtual summit with all the speaker assets, slide presentations, and video, is overwhelming.

So how can you create an event that attracts your perfect prospects without you burning-out, freaking-out, or selling-out?

It's time to create your not-so-traditional audio summit.

First, let's talk about the pros of hosting a "traditional" video-based summit.

Online summits and web or video-based virtual events have become very popular over the past couple of years (especially since Covid). And there are quick, big wins that hosting a summit can bring your business.

Here are a few pros about hosting a traditional virtual summit...

Reach Other People's Audiences

There is no quicker way to get in front of a dozen audiences of the right people than when you host a summit!

Builds Community... Instantly!

Then lead those new audience members (aka your summit attendees) into a free group, low-ticket offer, or high-ticket program.

Affordable & Online
(No travel required)

And because there's #notravelrequired, the investment for you as the event producer, and your attendees is low!

Now let's talk about the cons...

Have you ever actually wanted to spend additional hours chained to your a computer screen watching a virtual summit that feels more like a salesy webinar? (Uh - probably not.)

Have you ever sat for hour-after-hour watching a virtual summit only to wish you had more actionable strategies and tactics by the end?

Here's the real-real:
Hosting an online summit (big or small) is a commitment of your time, energy, and money, so it's important you create an event you'll enjoy!

What if you chose to toss out the "traditional video-style" summit model, and created a high-value AUDIO SUMMIT™️ instead?

We do summits... differently.

You don't need to chain attendees to their computer screen to give them high-quality experience and strategies they can actually use.

In fact, hosting an audio summit can be exciting and highly profitable.
But it's not just the amount of money you'll make.

Here's why hosting an audio-only summit is so powerful...

Audio is portable and accessible for your attendees.

They can access from anywhere!

Audio eliminates tech issues and glitches normally seen in video or live interviews.

Being in someone's ears builds trust faster, so that your list is ready to buy quickly.

Interviewing speakers builds a deep connection that can open partnership and JV opportunities you normally wouldn't have.

Speakers will LOVE not having to record slide presentations.

Attendees will LOVE not having to watch hours of slide presentations.

You won't spend hours chasing down summit assets from speakers.

You'll stand out from the crowd with an audio summit!

More reasons to love Audio Summits...

Ease & Simplicity for You.
Video not your thing?
Don't love having to be "camera-ready?"

Your summit doesn't need to be complicated or create overwhelm and stress to be a highly effective.

By giving yourself the support needed to pull off a successful summit. We believe in equipping you with the proper production planning processes and accountability, so that you can maintain flexibility and ease along the way.

Low effort for your Speakers.
I've never met a speaker who said, "Gee, I'm so excited to record another slide presentation."

Offering your speakers a real conversation will attract high-impact guests who are happy to have a deep conversation and allow their expert voice to be heard.

A savvy speaker understands the value of audio and will see your summit as a massive promotional opportunity to reach not just one audience, but the audiences of every speaker in your lineup!

High Impact for Attendees.
I'm not sure when packing everything and the kitchen sink into a summit became the norm.

So I want to challenge you to break free of the silly notion that "extra "stuff" equals "extra value." It's simply not true.

Your attendees don't have extra time in their day for extra stuff... they need clear, actionable strategies and tactics that will solve their biggest problems.

With an audio-only summit, you're giving them the flexibility they need to listen whenever and where ever their life takes them. And you're not bogging them down with "extra stuff."

Niches that benefit from hosting an Audio Summit...

Social Media & Online Marketing
Business, Finance & Money
Religious & Spiritual
Podcasting & Video
Branding & Messaging
Sales Training
Health & Wellness
Mental Health & Self Care
Legal & Finance
Real Estate & Investing
Bitcoin, Crypto, Blockchain


What is Audio Summit Marketing School?

Audio Summit Marketing School is for coaches and program creators who have considered hosting (or have hosted) a virtual summit, and now want to create a unique event that is more accessible and requires less stress!

You get our proprietary Audio Summit Framework, along with strategies, tactics, and templates for the three fundamental areas of designing and hosting an audio summit that works for your business and lifestyle.

Programs & Services

Live Weekly Program

6-month live coaching and accountability program that guides you through the entire Audio Summit™️ Marketing Framework so that you stay on track, on deadline, and on target.

Create a powerful experience for your attendees and a profitable sales opportunity for yourself and your speakers when you join the Rock Your Audio Summit™️ Live Program. {This is not a pre-recorded course.}

✶ What's Included ✶

  • Weekly Live Training that guides you through the PLAN - PRODUCE - PROFIT Framework. Get the accountability, training, and templates you need to remove roadblocks and keep you moving forward. (Invite your VA or summit manager too!)
  • Weekly Office Hours to make sure that your interviews, web pages, checkouts and emails, are all working properly. Bring your questions about hosting, integrations, setup, and best practices. (Invite your VA or summit manager too!)
  • Step-by-Step Project Trackers & Templates that you customize for your schedule and goals. You'll never miss important priorities and tasks!
  • Easy-to-Follow Marketing & Promotion Strategies that increase summit attendance and create speaker partnership opportunities.
  • Proven Email, Web, and Promo Swipe Files for every phase of your Summit. Includes registration pages, checkout, speaker pitches emails, attendee emails, and much more.
  • Systems and processes training that make summit management easy for you and your speakers.
  • Canva Templates for your promo designs come together quickly and effortlessly.
  • Monthly Guest training on post- Summit program launches, funnel development, community building, etc.
  • Speaker Tracker Templates so that you know exactly what your need from each speaker.
  • And so much more... You get it all!

✶ VIP Upgrade ✶
Accelerate your success with 1:1 Support

{Limited to 5 clients at a time}

  • 1-hour private kick-off call + 2 private 1-hour coaching and accountability sessions during your 6-month program to help you keep it simple and fun while you stay on track and on time. Invite your VA or summit manager too!
  • Voxer access as needed throughout your 6-month program
  • Review & critique your registration pages and promo graphics
Learn More - Book a Call ➡︎

1:1 Private Coaching & Support

You're on a mission to make your business grow and create a highly valuable event for your prospects and attendees.

Do it right by planning with an experienced online event marketing expert.

Plan-It-Out VIP Day will prepare you and your team for a high-impact event that's designed to draw in your ideal client.

During your private, 1:1 VIP day, we'll work together to:

  • Build your date-driven Summit Roadmap that you can upload into Asana or trello
  • Set your Summit Goals: attendees, access pass sales, backend sales benchmarks
  • Develop your dream speakers outreach list
  • Create your speaker questionnaires and management process
  • Determine how you will deliver your summit and the software needed

✶ What's Included ✶

  • 3-hour working session to create your summit roadmap
  • 1-hour follow-up session after two weeks to check your progress
  • Summit Management Task Tracker with due dates included
  • Speaker Tracker Template

By the end of your VIP Day, you'll have everything you need to kick-off creating your highly profitable summit with as little effort as possible!

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Who these programs are for...

  • You've been thinking of hosting (or have hosted) an online summit in the past BUT the thought of all that work makes you feel overwhelmed - and you're looking for a different way.
  • You want fast results and don't believe in reinventing the wheel when it comes to proven methods, easy-to-use templates and swipe files, and tools.
  • An audio-only summit is very appealing because you know that creating and watching slide presentations can be a time-suck for your speakers and attendees.
  • You love doing things differently and breaking free from the status quo.
  • You need coaching support from an expert to keep you on track, accountable, and your summit production moving smoothly.

"My VIP Planning Day with Wendy ways nothing short of amazing.

It was the most powerful planning session I've done in my business. Wendy was able to quickly identify our biggest goals and opportunities, determine a realistic and practical timeline and action plan and map them all out over the course of 90 days. We're 2 months into our 3-month rollout and we've completed almost 80% of it plus more! Simply put, Wendy is a master strategizer and planner and can help you get your ideas into action FAST so you can grow your business in a big way."

- Kristin Thomas, CEO & Founder - Health & Wellness Business School

"Wendy is a powerhouse full of fresh and fun techniques for finding and converting your best clients.

Brainstorming and visioning big ideas with Wendy is a blast. My favorite thing about working with Wendy is that her main goal is to make marketing simple and effective, and she doesn't let stale old rules get in the way of success. If you want to give your marketing a shot in the arm, Wendy is the answer! "

- Tobi Fairley, CEO of DesignYou, Business Coach for Interior Designers

This is not my first rodeo.

I'm Wendy Breakstone...
Audio Summit™️ Marketing Coach and marketing operations expert for 6-figure female coaches and program creators who want to be the stand-out expert in their niche, serve more clients, and make more money with ease.

I've taken my expertise in marketing operations, automation, media and event production, and project management to create the Audio Summit Marketing School.

• First Entrepreneurial biz started in 1996
• Two decades in small biz and marketing management
• Ex-corporate marketing director (collective 10+ years)
• Marketing Ops & automation expert
• Owned several multi-6-figure businesses

For the past two decades, I've consulted and mentored dozens (and dozens) of service-based entrepreneurs who need to build structure into their business so that they can stop chasing the "mirage of success" and instead create sustainable, long-lasting growth.

I've also produced several dozen in-person and virtual events for entrepreneurs and businesses like GoToMeeting, Marianne Williamson, CallWave/Fuze, Service Objects and more. And I've produced promotional and corporate multimedia presentations for travel companies.

It's these experiences that give me the expertise to coach and guide you through your summit production and create a wildly successful event that is simple and easy for you to manage.

Ready to create your rule-breaking audio summit?

Let us provide you with the planning, tools and support you need to host the summit of your dreams!